About Me

My name is Brian Awotwi. I'm a mechanical engineering technologist turned full stack developer, and having fun doing it!

Recent Work

Three.js Site

Tinkering around with three.js. A proof of concept of shape animations, image textures and camera controlls with the use of the mouse.


Social media for animals. A MERN app that authenticates registered users so that they can share posts and add friends. Create your own profile or use these existing credentials (email: meowmix15@gmail.com, password: catnip). Note that this app is hosted on Render so expect the server to be slow at first.


A responsive restaurant site that I made just using HTML and CSS.

Theme Switcher

This is an ongoing project. I remade an existing e-commerce website using React components. Only this time I included a theme color switcher component. Saves settings to local storage.

Simple Poker

A simple JavaScript game of poker after learning arrays and objects. The program shuffles, cuts, and deals 5 cards between you and the computer. It then awards the winner based on the strongest hand.

Movie Search

A React app that fetches movie data and arranges them into title card much like Netflix UI.

Waveform Audio Player

A project that introduced me JavaScript libraries. This one uses wavesurfer.js to mimic the SoundCloud waveform progress bar. I have future ideas on implementing p5.js to include an audio visualiser. More on that to follow.